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Journey Beyond Travel Morocco offers private and customized tours to couples, small groups, and families. Travel Morocco with our local experts.
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Traveling During Eid al-Adha (Eid el-Kbir) in Morocco

By far, Eid al-Adha is the most important holiday for Muslims around the world. It occurs two lunar months after the end of Ramadan. Confusingly, Eid al-Adha called by many different names. Eid el-Kbir (often spelled “Eid el-Kbeer, “Aid ...

7 Things to do in the Sahara Desert (Besides Riding a Camel)

As the largest, and one of the driest, deserts on Earth, it’s safe to say there are very few places in the world like the Sahara Desert. The infinite sea of sandy dunes all in different shades of gold is the perfect setting to experience a ...

8 Delicious Moroccan Foods You MUST Try!

Food is a major part of Moroccan culture. Its diverse and intense flavors perfectly capture Morocco’s multiethnic background, tumultuous history and rich heritage – and they’re an integral part of the country’s renowned hospitality. ...

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