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Teen Killed in Football Drill in New York

Football is a very popular and very physically demanding sport that can lead to physical injury during both practice and games. Players often practice doing drills that can lead to... Read more » The post Teen Killed in Football Drill in New ...

Motorcyclist Saved by Good Samaritans

Motorcycles share the road with thousands of other motorists every day, but often accidents occur when they are not seen by other drivers. One such motorcyclist was pulled from a... Read more » The post Motorcyclist Saved by Good Samaritans ...

New Morcellators Come Onto The Market

For millions of women that suffer from uterine fibroids and other gynecological issues, a complete hysterectomy may be their only option for relief. Instead of completely opening the abdominal cavity,... Read more » The post New Morcellators ...

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