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Joelbooks was founded in 2012 as a US based book club. In 2018, Joelbooks launched their independent website with the sole intent to help self-published authors connect with reader groups interested in certain book niches. Today, as the site has over 100,000 active monthly visitors, we would like to achieve our primary goal more effectively, we are working on articles and book recommendations on daily basis, that are focusing on very specific topics in the field of fiction and non-fiction books. Joelbooks currently among the leading new indie book recommendation sites on the market. The portal provides multiple tools and services for writers to introduce themselves to the world. Readers from all over the world rely on the site to discover new names and novels, but also to connect with their favorite authors. The website focuses on certain social issues, justice and diversity, in order to educate the future generation of readers.

October 13, 2021
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