Jitterbug Phone

Jitterbug Cell Phone is designed for senior citizens and those that have impaired vision or a physical handicap. Jitterbug Phone is simple and can be used with very basic telephone skills...
Added: June 17, 2011
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The first Jitterbug phone was first released almost five years ago, and ever since then, the name Jitterbug has become synonymous with phones that were senior-friendly and the target market of GreatCall, the company behind the Jitterbug phones. ...

Jitterbug Cellphone

You may be asking yourself, what makes the Jitterbug cellphone so different and why should I buy one. Well to start, it doesn’t have all the things that you don’t need or want or in a cell phone. Gone are the web access, typing pads, video ...

Jitterbug Phone Samsung

The Samsung Jitterbug phone is aimed at those that may have impaired vision and at a very specific market that actually remembers that the Jitterbug is a type of swing dance. Yes, we are talking seniors.Unlike the younger generations that have ...

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