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My journey into the skills and philosophies of samuri. "Kendo" means the way of the sword. Here you can find photos, videos, useful tips as well as personal experiences while learning kendo.
Added: July 09, 2007
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2012 World Kendo Cup Team Members

These people from Taipei Kendokan will represent Taiwan (Chinese Taipei) in the world cup in Italy this year!! Beware, they are very strong!!Ben Liang, 5th DanHao-Chang Weng, 5th DanKay Liu, 3rd Dan

Was I asleep?

The title is the conclusion from my competition at the end of March. Our team didn't advance into the finals. And I won only 1 match. The points I lost was by the total lack of maai, and the seme was not strong enough. I was rushing to attack. ...

After a short break

After a 3-weeks break from the kendo training, which felt like ages while the guilt was piling up, I went to the training last evening. Since my senpai asked me to participate the competition in two weeks, I really have to practise now.In the ...

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