It's Wednesday!

As far as I'm concerned, it is always Wednesday. Features random happenings in text, photography, graphic design and/or film consistently every Wednesday. Just an easy way to remember NOW in 30 years.
Added: April 23, 2010
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this is it

This is the last Wednesday of the school year. This is the last "Collared Shirt Wednesday" of my schooling career. This may be the last "Collared Shirt Wednesday" of my entire life.This outfit is particularly significant. Here's the deal:The ...

picture this

This little bloggy blog has been the neglected these past few weeks because, well, these past few weeks have been some of wildest, craziest, overwhelmingest, loudest, unbelievableest weeks of my 22 years of life.But first, a few things to n ...


This is my disheveled look. My documentary premieres tomorrow.

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