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My blog is all about what is up and what I am creating, like my cloth dolls, crochet rag rugs, quilts, wall quilts, fabric bowls, recipes, cloth doll animals, stuffed animals, contests, giveaways, pillows and a bit of hodgepodge and free craft ideas at times. So come along and see what kind of adventure I am up too next.
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There I was just a painting away the past few weeks

> Hello to all! my blog is kind of working now, so I am sharing a couple of things I have gotten done in the past few weeks. I have gone back to my roots and have begun painting on canvas again and drawing on water color paper. I am still working ...

what' ya Working on for Tuesday, August 3 2015

Today I thought I would share what I am working on, which is some embroidery work.

A Kick in the Bottom

There are no excuses just that life can throw all kinds of things in your pathway!

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