Infant Thrush and Breastfeeding Thrush: the Lowdown on What Works and What Doesn't

Natural health information on infant thrush, oral thrush, breastfeeding thrush, mouth thrush, etc. Learn how to cure thrush safely and naturally.
Added: September 06, 2009
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The 3 Day Thrush Cure?

Wow! I've gotten some exciting emails lately from people who've tried my program - it makes me feel really good when I hear of other moms who've had that "aha!" moment and realize that there's more to treating thrush than just giving your baby ...

Mouth Thrush: Natural Remedies for Mouth Thrush

Mouth thrush is caused by invasion of the yeast/fungus candida albicans. Resulting in painful, tender spots of white yeast overgrowth or sometimes tiny red bumps, mouth thrush can be a cause of serious discomfort. There are a number of factors ...

Oral Thrush: Why the Natural Approach Works Best

Oral thrush can be quite uncomfortable and frustrating, to say the least. Symptoms can include painful irritation, burning, soreness, etc. It's amazing how sensitive the mouth is and how even the slightest discomfort there can really drive a ...

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