In Our House

Living in a big house full of different people makes for some stories to tell!
Added: December 22, 2009
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Multiplicity of love

My boyfriend never visits me at the house. Never. I don't mind, there's more privacy at his place anyway. Home for me is a place where our relationship doesn't exist. So you can see how it was a bit of a surprise for me to see him standing at ...

Potatoes, on the rocks

Yesterday was really long and tiring day for me. After 15 hours of studying, working, running around town, meeting people and working some more I was finally dragging my leaden feet on our shady home alley.Seeing as we are so many in the house, ...

In the beginning, there were breasts

My roommate has an incredible body. She's curvy and feminine, yet firm and athletic. She has "an ass to die for", like my ex-boyfriend put it, and her bottom really is like a peach in every respect known to me. Her waist is tiny and inviting, ...

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