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'Ikigai | Blogging The Martial Way' is a martial arts blog that covers technique, culture, philosophy, kata, and more. Suitable for eclectic and traditional stylists alike.
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In Memoriam: Shimabukuro Eizo, Hanshi of Shobayashi Ryu (1925-2017)

The martial arts world has lost one of its greatest luminaries. Shimabukuro Eizo, Hanshi, passed away on October 22, 2017. For most people, living to the age of 92 is considered most fortunate. However, Shimabukuro O’Sensei was so skilled ...

Reader Week III Coming Soon! Submit Your Article Now.

Well howdy. How’s it going? Whatcha been up to? Let me start off by pointing out the obvious – the past 2-3 years have not seen as much content on IkigaiWay as years past. The explanation: I have shifted a lot of my time and attention to ...

Getting Started with Yoga (Tips for Martial Artists)

The more I study martial arts, the more intrigued I am by Yoga. For awhile I was turned off by the sheer trendiness of it. It seemed like another vapid attempt by Westerners to find quick-fix solutions via Eastern philosophies. I wasn’t wrong…a ...

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