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Eclectic, creative music that's been overlooked, under-rated or out of print, bootlegs; rock, alternative, indie, r&b, jazz, hip-hop, pop, experimental, electronic, avant guard, pop, folk, psych, political, new wave, diy, net labels and OF COURSE, punk. All ages, old and new. NO LABEL BAIT.
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Review: Rapidshare or MediaFire

This is a fast review. I had been using MediaFire for awhile now and for one or two files they seemed fine. Well this past week I've been trying to back them up on a home drive and .... 1st it was useless without paying the $9 PRO fee. Nothing ...


Between life happening, pathetic internet service, and complicated by many file host's (now called "cyberlockers" I guess) committing suicide, I've decided to take a break. Most of my files were on Rapidshare or Mediafire so I was lucky (grab ...

Roger Waters on Occupy

Support your local Occupy. If you can't participate, then donate.I'll get back to posting music soon - I promise.

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