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Common Items That Can Clog Your Drain

Getting a drain unclogged can be an arduous, difficult, and even disgusting process, depending on what it is that is clogging up the drain. Sometimes we don’t even realize that the things we’re putting in our drain can clog it up, thoug ...

What Causes a Shower to Lose Hot Water

Many people enjoy a good, hot shower. However, that enjoyment is short-lived when the water becomes cold. When the shower suddenly grows cold, it is chilling and irritating, to say the least. Other times, the water never gets hot, despite the ...

How do you know if your vent pipe is cracked in plumbing?

The house’s vent pipe allows sewer gasses to escape into the outside air above the house. It runs inside the walls of the house from the roof to the main drain pipe. When water enters the pipes, it drains away because air from the vent pipe ...

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