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Added: September 04, 2017
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Vaping Etiquette for the New Young Professional

Being a young professional comes with all kinds of pressure, social etiquette, and hidden standards that dictate a person's work life. Sometimes vaping is one of the only escapes a worker has during a day, but even that doesn't come without ...

NicSalts - The Latest Craze in Vaping?

There’s been a lot of publicity around the idea and concept of NicSalts lately, particularly for use in vaping. Companies like Pax Labs and Mr Salt E-liquid have been adding to the frenzy by saying that nicotine salts are the next big thing ...

Dabbing and Cannabis Concentrates Explained!

Don’t get confused. Dabbing didn’t start last year. Although, the way that some people talk about dabbing we wouldn’t blame you for not knowing the full history behind it. Cannabis concentrates have been around for a long time, and dabbing, ...

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