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Was the sinner on the cross an exception?

There are many who argue that the “sinner crucified beside Jesus” was saved without being Baptised in/with water and/or born of the Spirit. There is of course NO SCRIPTURE to support that claim. However there are many indications given and ...

Have we made ourselves known to the Lord?

Although I was conceived by the will of the flesh, yet have I been attained by the will of God and abide herewith.From the moment we are born, as each day passes our days on this Earth become fewer. There are many who choose to neither labour ...

A Calling to bestow. (A poem by C.J. Petersen)

A calling to bestow.Humanity to pontificate,As words abate,Before God kneeled,Resolve is steeled.Questions asked and the answers came,A sad refrain,Love ought be taught,Urgency forte.Teach all to Love their fellow man,For this you can,Do this ...

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