How To Talk To Women

Added: January 03, 2013
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Jasmine Tridevil Woman Had Surgery To Add Third Breast

Well, I guess dreams do come true, depending on your definition of what a nightmare is. Jasmine Tridevil had plastic surgery to add a third breast to her body! All of the Total Recall jokes aside I have to ask. Why? She is already beautiful ...

I Can't Talk To Women

I have fluctuated from being completely confident when talking with the better smelling half of the fairer sex to an an absolute dweeb.And of course there is something to be said about how pretty and confident is the woman that I am speaking ...

Is She Worth My Time?

You have been talking up this sweet girl for weeks. Playing it cool, being nice, listening to her problems and desires. You know how much this lady hates her boss, loves her cat and eats too much ice cream. She is hot, the pay off will be sweet. ...

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