How To Slow Aging
Added: November 07, 2010
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Can We Reverse Aging With Telomerase?

Telomerase lengthens the ends of the chromosomes, known as telomeres, whose purpose is to protect the genetic information stored in the chromosomes. Without telomeres, chromosome ends could fuse together and degrade the cell's genetic blueprint. ...

How Can We Live a longer life?

Do we have any control on how to live a longer life? Can we really live longer? How can we slow aging? Dr. Aubrey de Grey is a pioneering theoretical scientist in the field of human aging (biogerontology). He says that we can substantially slow ...

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The Wellness Revolution 2 is a series of live free teleseminars by phone and webcast featuring 21+ leading doctors, authors and health professionals being interviewed and answering questions in real time about new ways of healing. Register here ...