This website has some tips on how to draw dragons and a list of interesting sites full of pictures of dragons.
Added: September 19, 2007
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How to draw Dragons in movement

Do you want to know how to draw Dragons in movement? Here is the place to know! Draw Dragons isnĀ“t an easy task and is really funny ... the first things that you must know is that, a dragon in movement has got the body in a curve, specially ...

How to paint dragon eyes -more videos

I found more videos about how to paint dragon eyes. This is very good tutorial showing how to draw a dragon eye: This is simple but interesting because use a pencil to make the drawing: A great speedpainting video showing how to paint ...

how to draw a dragon using geometric figures.

I found this video tutorial that show how to draw a dragon using geometric figures.I liked the idea of using circles to make the tail of the dragon. Tags Technorati: geometric figures, draw dragon