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Welcome to an eclectic world of aesthetic delight! This site explores what it means to prioritize a life lived sensually, with an emphasis on that most neglected of faculties, smell. Here you'll find perfume reviews and musings, recipes, bookish thoughts, and rhapsodies on all things that fill our lives with art in little, yet important, ways.
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what a wonderful world, full of smells and sounds and sights, and wonders beyond reckoning.Let's rejoice in our perception of our lives.that we are creatures of this world, alive today, fresh with wonder, wild with pain, breathing.tomorrow, ...

Notes from my lunar insomnia: Apologies from the wilderness

A Harvest Moon tonight, the best in 2O years, so they say, and the sky is clouded over here in Ithaca. Damn you, Lady Fortune! I return to you, a changed woman. I have a theory about academic work—that its rhythms of feast and fast, of heavy, ...

javanica review

A spicy floral—round, nutty, nutmeggy anyway, delicate woods—I loved this one the minute I smelled it—Actually, this whole line had me shaking my head in wonder, asking: how does she do it? Definitely sweet, but dark as well, and it smells ...

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