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Beginner’s Guide to All-Grain Brewing

Following on the success of my Beginner’s Guide to Home Brewing, I’m putting the final touches on a beginner’s guide to all-grain brewing. If you’d be willing to read the draft version and give me feedback, I’d love to s

Calculating the volume of first runnings

“First runnings” are the first liquids to drain out of your mash tun when you’re doing an all-grain batch. The first runnings have the most sugar. Subsequent sparging extracts less and less sugar from the grain. I suppose it’s

Trying kombucha — and what the heck is a scoby?

Kombucha is a kind of fizzy, slightly fermented, sour tea. It’s supposed to have “probiotics” and all that other healthy stuff, but I don’t pay much attention to that. When I’m sick I go to the doctor. I like making stuf