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Mercedes Rochelle writes about 11th century Britain and all the questions that come up while researching historical fiction. I am especially interested in Macbeth, Malcolm III of Scotland, the Battle of Hastings, Canute the Danish King of England, Earl Godwine and his sons Harold, Tostig, and Swegn.
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Gytha, wife of Godwine

Overshadowed by their husbands or subject to their father’s ambitions, noble medieval women had to be pretty plucky to carve out a niche in the history books.  Gytha Thorkelsdóttir was related to so many famous (and mostly tragic) figures ...

The Treaty of Olney

The year 1016 was bitterly contested between Edmund Ironside and Canute the Dane.  Edmund the Aetheling was elected King by the citizens of London, and Canute was elected King by the Witan in Southampton.  Although Edmund stoutly aided London ...

Who was Eadric Streona?

In the days of Edmund Ironside, the name Eadric Streona keeps popping up at the most critical moments… and not in a happy way.  It seems that this slippery Mercian Earl must have had incredible powers of persuasion, because he kept turning ...

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