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Added: October 26, 2009
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Happy Birthday Aryaa!

Today is Aryaa's eighth birthday. We are filled with unimaginable joy and happiness because of being blessed with her. She has grown healthy, wise, tall and strong in last seven years. She is a very lovely and sensitive girl. She is very kind ...

Tips for Dealing with Separation Anxiety in Children

Few things tug at a parent’s heartstrings like the cries and pleas of a child in the throes of a separation anxiety attack; still, they are a normal (if distressing) part of childhood development. With proper coping strategies and plenty ...

Stars and butterflies

It was more than six months ago."Papa, what do humans become when they die?" Aryaa asked suddenly one day. I knew that question would come someday and I was afraid of that. I avoided talking about death as much as possible. My stories for Aryaa ...

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