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E Hookah Portable Shisha Vape Pen (Grape)

Grape is one of the sweetest and most flavorsome fruits. We make jam and wine from red grapes. This e hookah pen is so sweet and appetitizing that you will really begin to enjoy grape flavored everything. Grape is by far one of the juiciest ...

E Hookah Portable Shisha Vape Pen (Watermelon)

Who doesn't love watermelon whether it's the summer time or not. Watermelons are juicy and sweet. That is exactly what this e hookah pen delivers, a blast of watermelon flavor that is almost as juicy as it sounds. This refreshing experience ...

E Hookah Portable Shisha Vape Pen (Green Apple)

The green apple is often a very sour fruit, but this e hookah pen captures the sweetness and flavor of the green apple. Enjoy a crisp apple flavor with each one of the 800 puffs that this vape pen packs. Each time you inhale is as refreshing ...

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