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Added: February 17, 2017
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Banks Find Difficulty Repaying All PPI Complaints; Still Number One Customer Issue

Data from a claims management company representing body’s investigation shows banks and lenders are still unfair in making their PPI refund decisions despite the announcement of the UK’s PPI deadline. PPI remains one of the most-complained ...

Banks Struggling To Repay Consumer PPI Refunds According To False Excuses

According to the Sunday Post, it has uncovered that banks are finding it difficult to refund every single PPI they mis-sold to consumers. Procuring data from a UK thinktank, they said banks continue to use the “excuse” of “not finding ...

PPI Claims: Three Difficulties You Can Encounter

Bank employees indiscriminately mis-sold PPI to ineligible consumers, which is almost half the UK’s consumer population. As the deadline looms closer by 2019, consumers are likely to pile up in the banks’ call centres and the Financial Ombudsman ...

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