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Reclaiming Your PPI Should Be A Priority Because Of These Three Things

The Financial Conduct Authority has sent a clear message to the consuming public — the UK PPI claims is to end by June 2019 — and the advertising campaign would reinforce this message continuously until after two years. Consumers mis-sold ...

Lloyds Profits From Lower PPI Refund Allocations

Lloyds Banking Group has the largest mis-sold PPI allocation equivalent to £16 billion out of the £40bn estimated total PPI recompense package for the country. Per quarter, the taxpayer-backed banking giant had allocated more than £1 to £2bn. ...

After The PPI Claims Deadline You Can Still Claim PPI In Three Ways

Mis-sold PPI is refundable still after the PPI claims deadline — but the banks and authorities will not recognise the support of claims management companies. CMCs — which have business relationships with banks to ease the management of mis-sold ...