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The Public’s Concern Over Payment Protection Insurance Nowadays

Mis-sold PPI is the biggest financial scandal by the banking industry for decades costing the latter more than £40bn for all the damages they caused customers. However, the FCA still sides with the banking industry by introducing a PPI claims ...

PPI Challenges: What If Your Bank Misadvises You On Your Claim?

Banks and financial institutions are advised to ensure consumer rights are properly respected in all cases. However, if banks misadvise on a PPI policy, the consumer has the right to forward their complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service ...

Three Possible Difficulties Consumers Could Face When Claiming

No matter the perfection a system might have, it will always have flaws. The UK PPI claims systems from banks are far from perfect. In fact, they are severely flawed yet the Financial Conduct Authority allowed the industry to set a PPI claims ...

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