Good Characters

Added: July 16, 2015
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Get yourself to BBC iPlayer and watch ‘Overshadowed’, Eva O’Connor’s story of a girl who like so many girls believes food is the enemy and eating an act of war. Familiar though this tale is, it’s uniquely told through a bunch of vlogs ...

Malcolm Tucker

After relinquishing his TARDIS keys, Peter Capaldi teased a return to Malcolm Tucker; the chalk to the Doctor’s cheese. Now creator Armando Iannucci has revived him for a debate with Alan Partridge in The Big Issue. You can see approval rippling ...

Sarah Linden

Few good stories can pull off a hero like Sarah Linden, but ‘The Killing’ gets it done. Played with some serious edge by Mireille Enos, Detective Linden starts out broken and ends up broken. Emotionally demolished and never rebuilt, this ...

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