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Osama bin Laden’s Last Will And Testament

With all this idiotic talk and politically correct rhetoric going on about Osama bin Laden’s death, all I have to say is thank God for Saturday Night Live. Here’s the SNL skit, spoofing bin Laden’s last will and testament. I donR

Amish Mafia Busted For Selling Raw Milk

You know who commits a lot of crimes? The Amish. Don’t let those modest clothes and pious, friendly attitudes fool you.  Underneath it all, the Amish are a seething, rage-filled organized crime syndicate, just waiting to catch one of your ...

BREAKING NEWS: Osama bin Laden Is Dead

Osama bin Laden has been reported dead, and reports say that the United States has the body. I will update with more information as it’s reported. President Obama is scheduled to speak at 10:30 ET. Whether or not it will be about bin Laden ...