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We empower girls and young women (between ages 12-35). We enable them to think creatively and critically, so that they can make better life decisions.
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Read This, Before You Drink Your Next Can of Soda!

Here's another example of something that tastes good, but may not be good for you. ....These insights into the soda industry will definitely make you think twice, before drinking your next can/bottle of soda. Gillian Sources Include Article, ...

Habemus Papas - The Catholic Church Has a New Pope!

The Catholic Church has a new Pope (head of their church)! His name is Jorge Mario Bergoglio - Archbishop of Argentina - an Argentinian of Italian heritage, who will hereafter be known as Pope Francis I. [He was elected after...

Remembering Your History to Gain Insight into Your Present

(Please press the Play button to load the presentation above). There are many of us who went to school and were tempted to sleep through History class, thinking that a "boring" subject like History, couldn't possibly be important, as it...

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