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JonJivan Creates Spreadsheet Tracking Son’s First Words – the Graphs are Fascinating

We all know that kids are pretty amazing. I mean, they might be snotty balls of tears and screaming, but they literally have to learn EVERYTHING and they actually succeed! Arguably, one of the most important skills a child must learn is language. ...

New Hubble Image Shows Hypergiant Home, Westerlund 1

The Hubble telescope is world-famous for it’s beautiful images of our universe. Here at the Science Dunk we even posted a Hubble Hump-Day article to get us over the mid-week blues. This week, Hubble has turned its camera to a super-star cluster ...

Spacecraft Lost for 8 Years Found Orbiting the Moon

It’s not uncommon for NASA to be in the dark. In fact, that’s the whole point. The darkness isn’t always a friend of space exploration, however. It’s pretty hard to see what’s going on up there, and plenty of spacecrafts (but thankfully ...

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