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Glioblastoma: Jessica’s Story (Guest Post)

Hello, my name is Jessica. Who am I? I am a mother of 2 young boys, under 5, but this isn’t about them. I’m just a proud mother. I’ll be 30 this year, and, unfortunately, on top of all that I have brain cancer. A grade IV glioblastoma ...

Cancer Factsheet: Glioblastoma and the Need for Targeted Cancer Therapies

What is Glioblastoma? Glioblastoma is the most common and aggressive form of brain tumour. It is an extremely fast-growing cancer which has no known cure. Glioblastomas are named for the cells they form in; glial cells. Though the brain is best ...


Hey y’all. A bit cheeky. I know – I’ve not posted in MONTHS. The truth is I’ve had a change of jobs, I’m buying a house and it’s all been a bit crazy! But that’s no excuse to ignore the thing I love. In the hope of getting back ...

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