Ghost Stories and Haunted Places

If you are looking for a little daily haunting, this is the place. Every day will bring you a new terror, or at least a new story at this haunted blog. Come follow me to old cementeries and legendary castles!
Added: February 04, 2010
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The Mysteries that lurk in the Shadows of the House of the Sun King: A True Story

There is an abandoned house at the end of a street in my neighborhood.  For years, it has been a popular spot for urban explorers and kids looking for a bit of adventure. We first noticed the house five years ago when a legion of fire trucks ...

5 Forgotten Halloween Traditions to Bring Back

Halloween is my favorite Holiday.  It has a very long history that is often forgotten.    Although Halloween's roots can be traced back to pagan practices,  it's name came from Christians.  Halloween was the time of year when the ancient ...

The Haunting of Fort Matanzas

When you are visiting Florida it is easy to forget its history.  It is easy to get lost in cities and beaches and theme parks. However, two hours North of Orlando, the oldest city in the United States sits quietly on the beach whispering of ...

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