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Survey: Cataracts impact lifestyle; surgery brings emotional benefits

You may know that cataracts can interfere with your ability to see clearly, but might be unaware of their impact on your emotions. Alcon, the global leader in eye care, conducted a survey of about 1,300 people age 60 and older who have undergone ...

Your Morning Routine Sets The Day

How often do you jump out of the bed, get ready and rush out the door to work or getting the kids off to school? Do you often feel stressed and on the go or even behind in everything you have to do? Your morning routine plays a big part in how ...

Start Slow And Easy With An Exercise Plan

You know you need to start getting in better shape, but it’s been awhile. You’ve gained more weight than you intended.The thought of doing a huge workout might scare you. Stop thinking that way. You can get back on track if you start slow ...

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