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Why Your Smartphone’s Battery Drains After an Update

A decreasing battery life is one of the biggest problems for many smartphone users, but it’s especially more noticeable after an update. Although batteries in phones have become better in recent years and continue to [...] Written by Axel ...

New Global Magpie GPS Tracker

Magpie is the next big leap in tracking technology, a sector that has been on the cusp of something really big for a long time. Subsequently, Magpie hopes to be the trailblazer that finally makes [...] Written by Axel Brown at New Global Magpie ...

Reelight Battery-Free Frictionless Bike Light

We all know that we should use a bike light when cycling at night, but a lot of people choose not to  because installing and maintaining them is just too much hassle. Well, Reelight has [...] Written by Axel Brown at Reelight Battery-Free ...

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