Gaffs of Truth

Now in my fourth decade, I look at who I am and where I go with...well, everything from here. Alphabeter the multi-pseudonymed writer, posts about life, writing, and the excuses for not doing either.
Added: April 23, 2006
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We Didn't Start the Fire: Obama Edition

With non-paying due deference to Billy Joel (whose lyrics are more chronological), a tribute to the 44th President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama II, who will represent the post-Cold War generation of the 21st-century.We Didn't Start ...

Goodbye and Farewell

One of the most important people in my life died a few hours ago.I was fortunate in that I had time before and at the end to let them know how I feel...felt.I will not be online very much for the next couple of weeks while I grieve. I expect ...

Wikipedia is a date-rape drug

Ok: I am pleading the 5th, while hunting with the 2nd, cussing with the 1st, being treated like a Pre-13th, while having a pint with the 21st in the booth with with Sarah Palin doing the 19th AND the 9th because the 4th cant do a damn thing ...

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