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Welcome to my blog, rationality isn't the aim. My comments on here are pricipally motivated by my increasing disassociation with the planet. So I say to you all, don't slip on the bull sh*t.
Added: February 08, 2007
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My Love of the Lake District

We visited the Lake District again last year. I mention this because I have just been watching a programme about Wainwright and I find so many parallels. In character I am very similar, though not to the extent of his commitment and drive in ...

Media Control Fup Off

I must be a bit slow because it is only recently that I fully appreciated what this whole business of the cult of personality is about. The big mistake is to believe the hype that surrounds so many of these nonentities. It is all just a matter ...

Wonkers and Nationalism. the last refuge of a scoundrel.

Your average native Wonker isn,t too committed to intellect. I myself am not a native Wonker as my parents were only related after they married but I must explain here that the term Wonker isn,t a precise description for many of the natives ...

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