FuncFood - Functional Foods And Healthy Nutrition

FuncFood - Functional Foods And Healthy Nutrition
Added: November 21, 2010
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Use Vinegar To Raises Insulin Sensitivity And Get Lean

Tip: Use Vinegar to Get Lean: Vinegar not only attenuates the glucose and insulin response from a carb meal, it raises insulin sensitivity. Several studies have confirmed this, and one study reports that vinegar raised insulin sensitivity at ...

Celery Juice A Powerful Stimulant And Aphrodisiac

Celery and Ginger – Poor Man’s Viagra | Health Fiend - Online Health Magazine: Celery leaf juice as well as the root are powerful stimulants and aphrodisiacs for men, depurative, digestives and antirheumatics. It’s also used with good ...

Apigenin In Parsley Boosts Testosterone Levels

How a flavonoid in parsley boosts testosterone levels: Apigenin is found in vegetables. The best sources are parsley and celery. 100 g parsley contain 300 mg apigenin and 100 g of celery leaves contain 56 mg.

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