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Added: July 31, 2012
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Lowers Raid 2012

Check out this insane group of surfers who create havoc in the second annual Lowers Raid of 2012! Do you think it would be fun to dress up in a crazy costume and screw around on a perfectly good day at our beaches? LNF: LOWERS RAID 2012 from ...

Great Workout For Surfers | Training with Ian Walsh

Check out this great workout for surfers. Ian Walsh brings you this video of a simple yet effective workout routine to keep you in shape and conditioned for surfing. EZIA Surf Training with Ian Walsh from EZIA Human Performance on Vimeo.

Firewire Dominator Review

For quite some time I have been in the market for a new shortboard that would surf well in the smaller southeastern North Carolina conditions. I was looking for a board that would be easy to surf in small 1-3 foot mush as well as head high hurricane ...

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