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Added: February 02, 2016
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Annie and Rowdy Rusty– a clownish retelling of David and Goliath

Annie and Rowdy Rusty– a clownish retelling of David and Goliath Clown skit by Bob Patterson – A rework of David – a clownish retelling of David and Goliath, a skit by Tom Raymond, Characters: Narrator, Annie, Annie’s 2 sisters, ...

Rehearsing the Christmas play

Rehearsing the Christmas play, a skit by Mike Beauchemin, originally posted in Skits, Jokes, and Routines Luke 2:1-20 New King James Version (NKJV) At least 8 people Narrator: Director: Shepherds: Angels: Mary and Joseph Director: Ok everybody. ...

I received a call from Texas yesterday

Yesterday, I unexpectedly received a call from a firefighter in Texas, who was looking for a fire prevention skit. Thankfully, I was able to point him to this site, have him put fire prevention in the search box, and bingo! Here’s the point: ...

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