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A Baseball Vacation: Seeing Busch Stadium, Finding Haney Book, Visiting Baseball Museums and Seeing the Colorado Rockies

As might be expected, one of the my favorite things to do is visit baseball places while traveling. This time, we took a trip and three baseball spots—two museums and a Rockies game, plus seeing the outside of the St. Louis Cardinals’ Busch ...

This Week in Foul Balls (Week 22-23: September 4- 17): Ballboys, Fan Snags, and A Boy Beats an Adult

Admittedly, weeks where there are few foul ball events are rare! At least that’s what I claimed during the week of the eclipse. But apparently it’s more common than I thought. Because Week 22 was a lackluster week for great things related ...

This Week in Foul Balls (Week 21: August 28 – September 3): Captain Obvious, Dumplin’ Wheeler and Aybar’s Hug

Admittedly, weeks where there are few foul ball events are rare! And I’m happy to say that last week was an anomaly. Now we appear to be back to more interesting foul ball happenings. Week 21 of baseball is over, and the foul ball fun keeps ...

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