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Does your back “Go Out” without warning?

So have you ever reached down just to pick up something small a pencil from the floor and “wham” your back grabs and goes into a spasm so tight that you can’t stand up straight?  Was it because the pencil weighed so much that it se

Should I choose Chiropractic or Physical Therapy?

Individuals being affected by continuous neck or back pain it may be uncertain of what the best course of treatment may be.  The two of the most commonly chosen course of treatments are chiropractic or physical therapy.  There are definitely ...

Fort Collins Chiropractor Explains Why Chiropractic is Distinctive

What makes chiropractic so different than any other type of health care? Why is the care at Rocky Mountain Chiro Care so distinctive? Dr. Mat a Fort Collins Chiropractor shares his perspective below…  1. Wellness   Now we have all heard ...

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