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Your online resource for property foreclosure investing in the Philippines. Find bank listings of foreclosed properties, public auction schedules, and foreclosure buying tips.
Added: July 10, 2009
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See you at the TGFI Financial Literacy Summit on April 1-2, 2017!

Did you know that during the past 10 years, Filipinos lost a total of Php80 billion to scams! I believe the reason so many fall victim to scams is due to lack of financially literacy… When it comes to real estate, I have already lost count ...

Why building wealth with real estate can be slow (and how to make it faster)

Since you are reading this on my blog, you are obviously interested in building wealth through real estate investing. Most of you would probably agree with the idea that the goal is to accumulate wealth through passive income generating rental ...

Country Builders Bank foreclosed properties for sale as of 1st Quarter 2017

Finally featuring this list of foreclosed properties from Country Builders Bank or CBB. This list is for the first quarter of 2017. Details below. Actually, I have wanted to feature listings from CBB, but in the past, I only see their email ...

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