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Are You Drinking Your Two Litres Of Toxic Water Each Day?

It seems like the ideal time to write a post on water. Firstly, I live on the Sunshine Coast, where residents have just witnessed the devastation that water can bring after experiencing a frightening flash flood. Secondly, I have just learnt ...

What is Dragon Fruit?

I was shopping at my local health food store and I came across a box of bright, almost fluorescent, pink fruit that beckoned to me to come closer. Naturally curious, I could not resist buying one so I could find out more about it. One of the ...

Book Review: Happy Mind Formula – Your Action Plan To Mental And Physical Wellbeing

I have just finished reading Tracey Carmichael’s book titled “Happy Mind Formula – Your Action Plan To Mental And Physical Wellbeing”. If you are struggling with low moods, low energy and struggling with life each day Tracey’s book ...