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Added: November 02, 2012
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I thought Vacations days were supposed to be relaxing?

So, the pool is gone, as of this afternoon. I took the day off work, and now I've successfully made a big hole in the back yard.Taking down the pool was a lot harder than I expected in some ways, and easier in others.Things I learned:Don't even ...

Bye Bye Pool!

So, We've Decided to Sell the pool.There are a number of reasons why we've decided to, and I'll go over them in detail below.First, The pool:Its one of the smallest "permanent" pools you can buy - a 12 foot round, 4 foot deep pool. Its got a ...

My pool turned Green

Ugh.So Thursday I noticed that my pool was looking a little bit off. Not as clear as it should be. It was pouring, so I made a mental note to check it in the morning.Still pouring in the morning. To be "safe", I asked Megan to put in some chlorine ...

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