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The wonderful world of fictional television
Added: March 17, 2007
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My Dose of Horror?

I've been a very "jumpy" person for as long as I can remember; And because of that, I seem to have developed some sort of "allergy" to horror pictures. Good thing that at my age, I've acquired "techniques" to compensate for my jumpiness. Okay.. ...


I can still remember watching the classic TV Series of Batman when I was still a child. Although non-animated television series wasn't one of my interests back then, I still ended up watching the series rather than do whatever it is that most ...

The Tale of One Gamer??

I started playing video games at the age of 8, the very moment an aunt gave me my very first gaming console. Since then, I can't seem to get enough of the virtual world - not that I'm addicted to it or something - at least not anymore. I've ...

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