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Converseen is Now Available in Danish Language

I’m happy to announce Converseen is now available into Danish language thank to Martin Elisoe who kindly helped me in growing this project with a brand new localization. What’s Converseen If you don’t know what’s I’m talking ...

Raspberry Pi Zero W features WiFi and Bluetooth Connectivity for IoT

Today, Raspberry Pi celebrates 5 years from the launch of its first version in 2012 launching a new product: the Raspberry Pi Zero W. This new flavour of the Raspberry Pi is very similar to the current Raspberry Pi Zero launced in November ...

Sending Email via PHP in CentOS 7 using Sendmail

If you are running a web server or a VPS, you may encounter the need of sending emails using your PHP application. In the same way, if you are running a WordPress blog or you are using any kind of CMS and you would allow your visitors to send ...

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