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Blog about the European Union politics from Polish conservative perspective
Added: December 09, 2009
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What do Europhiles have in common with necrophiles

Seemingly - nothing. In fact - a lot. In the past the 'Europhile' term was used to describe a person loving Europe, its culture, history. Nowadays though, the meaning has changed - 'Europhile' is a person adoring the European Union project and ...

Where is tradition?

Almost Christmas time. It's a religious holiday so as such it is a natural enemy for the liberal (in the American meaning) European leaders. The European Union personifies most of the left wing attributes. It is extremely centralised, full of ...

Grants, donations, subsidies, subventions

A lot of Europeans believe that maybe this European Union is not the best but at least it let's many people develop their businesses thanks to various grants, donations, subsidies or subventions (naming is a secondary thing here) which an e ...

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