Everyone Has A Story

A wife's journey through her husband's midlife crisis. Motorcycle gangs, infidelity, porn, and drug addiction...and that was just this last year.
Added: August 30, 2013
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Then I Came Home to Austin

I believe that the worst part of my break-up with Chef was the unfamiliarity of my life without him. I hadn’t realized up until that point how important my routines — the very patterns of my life — had really been to me. Then, sud

The Humbling Art of Being Wrong

Throughout our lives, we all meet those people who refuse to acknowledge they’re to blame for anything. They have developed a complex mental web that shields them from the humbling art of being wrong, netting away the need to accept conse ...

Lemons & Fiber Optics

I’ve had some ups and downs this week. First, the ups. Google Fiber finally went live for my area of Austin! Of course, Oliver and Sparrow ate the Fiber Box the first day we moved into my new apartment, along with my couch, so I had to wait ...

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