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February And March Linux Articles

IntroductionI am aware that it is a while since I added any content to this site. To be honest I have been inundated with work and so I have had little opportunity to write anything worthwhile on this blog.I am learning new programming techniques ...

An Everyday Linux User Review Of Fedora 25 - Oh No, So Many Problems

IntroductionThe last time I reviewed Fedora was in March, 2015 and I was in the main happy with it. Fast forward 2 years and I felt it was high time I had a look at the latest version.Strap yourselves in guys because we are in for a bumpy ride.How ...

An Everyday Linux User Review Of OpenSUSE Leap 42

IntroductionIt has been a long time since I last reviewed openSUSE. I don't think it is quite as long as the numbering system suggests but it has been about 3 years.There are 2 versions of openSUSE available via their website:LeapTumbleweedThe ...