Epiglutton: confessions of a Toronto foodie

I delight in restaurants, food shopping at local markets, reading about food, photographing food, and cooking it.
Added: October 24, 2009
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All moved, now!

Please join me over at http://blog.patanderson.net

Moving day!

Hi folks -- I've combined my three blogs and moved them over to my own website. So if you want to keep up on what I've discovered in urban nature, gardening, field-to-table food, come to my writing & photos over at patanderson.net

One pan: ingredients

OK, before you get upset at my lousy diet, I had a great big green salad with tomatoes and cucumbers and asparagus, 'kay?But tonight was meant for leftovers! Actually, I deliberately made leftover potatoes this morning: I peeled and cut up two ...

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