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Amazing Ways to Repurpose Old Items

Like most people usually do, I've made several New Year's resolutions. I've set my mind on making positive changes in 2014 and make it an year to remember, because as they say:

All I Want for Christmas: 3 Must-Have Christmas Presents

Usually, the Christmas shopping madness begins in the beginning of December. When it comes to giving presents, I prefer to give than to receive. Although it may sound unusual for a girl, this is what Christmas is all about for me - making the ...

3 Amazingly Creative Ways to Use Mint

I am in love with the colour mint, I just adore how pure and delicate it is. May be that is the main reason why, recently, a friend of mine gave me a mint plant as a present. Now that I have it, I realised it is a great addition to every home. ...

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