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Added: April 17, 2012
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Measuring Cable Resonance with a Comb Generator

by Kenneth WyattCables are one of the key metallic structures on a product that can act as an antenna and couple energy, causing radiated emissions and possible compliance test failures. This has been discussed extensively in the literature ...

Budget SDR-Based Spectrum Analyzer

by Kenneth WyattWhile there are a number of affordable spectrum analyzers available to the product designer or EMC engineer, such as the Rigol DSA800-series or Siglent SSA3000X-series, I discovered an extremely low cost analyzer useable for ...

Welcome to Mega Automotive

by Joanna Hill Today is Arnold’s first day at Mega Automotive. He is fresh out of college with an electrical engineering degree and is eager to meet his new boss, Mr. Buttsworth. Mr. Buttsworth: Hello Arnold welcome to Mega Automotive. I’m ...

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