EPI’s state-of-the-art thermal mass flow sensors can detect mass flow rates, from very low to very high mass flow velocities, with an unparalleled level of accuracy. Our experienced staff and engineers are helping many organizations use this thermal mass flow meter technology to go “Green”, by successfully tracking and managing their gas usage, in order to reduce their energy costs.
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Enclosures: Hazardous vs. Non-Hazardous

In many industries the need for monitoring gas flow does not involve hazardous gases or potentially dangerous operating conditions. These applications can include many water and wastewater treatment applications, the HVAC industry, the general ...

EPI on Facebook

Did you know that EPI is on Facebook? Become our Fan today or send a friend request to our Business Development Manager, Katie E. Garwood.April means a new quarter and a new start for companies that want to do plant and facility upgrades. ...

Lectrodryer Uses EPI Internationally

For over 75 years Lectrodryer has been designing, engineering, and manufacturing adsorption drying equipment for the power plants, landfill gas, compressed air, gas refining, solvent recovery, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and furnace ...