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First Vlogging Attempts • Thompson Caribou BathBomb Review • Bloopers

Turns out there's more to Vlogging than just Make Up and Lighting.. And even that will take some more time, and effort to perfect. Apparently,,, You actually have to be able to speak fluently in front the awkwardness of a Camera, which I'll ...

Sorry If I Haven't Been Blogging Much Lately : Building The Loftice Is Taking Quite The Effort & Today Ur Girl Just Needed That Tan !

This spring I made the decision to find an office for the production of my New Vegan Skin Care Line, DollFace Naturals.I've been local to both Toronto and Sudbury for the last 20 years, so I decided to put my first solid office & Studio in Sudbury ...

Finally Getting The Labels On WITCH DR Pain Spray • Almost Ready For Display

Well it's been a MISSION getting these Labels in check!Apparently the Pics Art App I'm using for editing isn't very compatible to the Label sizing for my Labels. The Pics Art Pixels are just to big to fit on 3 by 4 inch Labels, and was breaking ...

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